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Rick Fedrizzi


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Sustainability is profitable. Profitability is sustainable.

For decades, environmentalists and the private sector have been at odds. Activists have decried the impact of industry on the environment. Business leaders, meanwhile, resent environmentalists for “job-killing regulations.” But Fedrizzi turns conventional wisdom on its head by showing how profit can save the planet, and how sustainability is the biggest business opportunity of the twenty-first century.

With the urgency of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, the illuminating stories of Tom Friedman’s The Lexus and The Olive Tree, and the insight of Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point, Fedrizzi calls the reader’s attention to hidden yet fundamental truths about our environment, our society, and our economy. His message is as controversial as it is clear: leverage the profit motive to save the world—and its humans—from environmental catastrophe.

“…a compelling history, a clear instruction manual, and most important, a convincing argument. By taking the principles that have made the green building movement so effective and extrapolating them to society at large, Rick offers a viable vision for saving the planet from humanity—and for saving humanity from itself.”

—Leonardo DiCaprio

Greenthink is a must-read if you care about making money, about humanity, or about the future of Earth, our home. Rick Fedrizzi depicts his transformational vision and personal story that profit is the solution. Rick is a true visionary, movement-builder, and prophet.”

—David Gottfried, CEO, Regenerative Ventures & Gottfried Institute, and Founder, U.S. and World Green Building Councils
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About The Author

Since co-founding the U.S. Green Building Council in 1993, and serving as its CEO since 2004, Rick Fedrizzi helped create the global movement for sustainable buildings and communities. He oversaw the creation of LEED—Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design—the premier green building program. Rick is also the CEO of Green Business Certification Inc., and the chair of the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark. Additionally, Rick serves on numerous boards and advisory committees for diverse organizations, including Harvard University’s School of Public Health, the Clinton Global Initiative, Bank of America, and the World Green Building Council, which he chaired from 2011 to 2013.

November 2015

ISBN: 978-163331-005-6

230 pages

5.5 × 8.5 in